Friday, December 4, 2015

Math Blog #6

Desmos Demolition

This past week in math we were working on graphing and evaluating the data we gathered from our rocket motor thrust test videos. I gathered all of my thrust per frames and attempted to input it into Desmos. When I did this I realized the graph that I got was very inaccurate, I experimented with different types of graphs but it didn't help. I realized that it was of vital importance that the graph was accurate because the whole team was deciding their engine types based off of our data. Finally I tried inputting the data into spreadsheet. I now realize that spreadsheet is more accurate for graphing rocket thrust data. I made a mistake by choosing the wrong graphing website but now I have learned by realizing which website is the best. I have grown because in the future I will make sure to always use the more accurate website.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Math Blog #5

Terrific Tables

This week in math we graphed inverse functions. I made a mistake when I forgot to add a table. I typed the equations but since I didn't add a table with the + button the inverse functions that I typed didnt graph. After I made this mistake I learned that Inverse functions will not graph if you don't add a table. I grew from this experience because now I have a deeper understanding of how inverse functions work and I always remember to add a table.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Integration Calculation

Integration Calculations

This week in physics I learned the basics of integral calculus. On the first day I made a mistake whe the problem had an x without an exponent. I thought that an x without an exponent was equal to x to the 0 power but really an x without an exponent is equal to x to the 1 power. I made this mistake and then learned that an x without a given exponent is equal to x to the 1. After this I grew because I understand now that x=x^1.

Super Solar System Scale

This past week I used math to calculate my scale model of the solar system. I made a mistake when I accidentally switched kilometers to miles without a conversion. What happened was I accidentally switched the distance between neptune and the sun into miles, this caused me to calculate the diameter of the planets incorrectly. After I made this mistake I learned to always label all of my numbers with units so I never mix them up. After this experience I grew because I haven't mixed up my units again.

Monday, September 21, 2015

paperclips and taxes

Math Reflection Blog #2

    The math learning process is Mistake, Learn, Grow. When you make a mistake you can figure out what you did wrong and correct it, then you will grow as as math person. An example of how this process was not done at my old school was if we did bad on a test we would never be able to see it again, so we would never learn from our mistakes. Last week when i was learning arabic I accidentally wrote from left to right. I didn't know that the direction of writing was different than english. Then Adam told me it was wrong I wrote it the right way several times and then I learned the right way. From then on I always remembered to write from left to right. I also learned that many languages write in different directions than english.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Adobe Attack!

       This week (week 2) I learned to use Adobe Photoshop during the math emoji project. I had never used Photoshop before so I made a lot of mistakes but every time I did, I would ask for help from a pier and learn how to use that tool. After I learned I would practice my new skill until I was relatively proficient. One example is I couldn't figure out how to use the paintbrush tool. I didn't have my layer selected so even when I was trying to paint nothing would happen. I asked sarah for help and she showed me my layer wasn't selected. Now I remember every time to select my layer, before I select any tools. I always have to remind myself this. I made mistakes, then learned from them, and then I became better at Photoshop. This week I learned some basic tools of photoshop.